Indian Transformers Company Ltd

Knowledge Base

The following literature by ITCL is available to customers and partners upon written request to our office:

  1. Explosion safety of instrument transformers
  2. Comparison between Live Tank CT and Dead Tank CT
  3. Comparison between Inductive VT and Capacitive VT
  4. Comparison between Porcelain and Silicone Composite Insulator
  5. Theory and Application of Single Phase Combined Instrument Transformers
  6. Application of Power Voltage Transformers
  7. Application of Residual Voltage Transformers
  8. Measuring of Dissipation Factor in GST mode for Voltage Transformers
  9. Improvements in current transformers based on failure investigations
  10. Continuous improvements in instrument transformers
  11. Field behaviour of instrument transformers
  12. Extending the life of instrument transformers - recommendations for field engineers



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